Attentus Consulting

Brand Identity for a project management consultant.

Brand + Digital

Only some in the project management consultancy sector possess the attentiveness and strategic proficiency characteristic of Attentus Consulting. Their mastery lies in overseeing projects and embedding human-centric approaches into the heart of the built environment. For Hello Brands, translating such a dynamic interplay between person and architecture into a brand design was both a challenge and a privilege. Our crafted identity isn’t just a logo design; it’s a narrative of symbiosis between the human spirit and structural form.


Attentus Consulting stands tall in its sector for bringing a human touch to the precise world of project management. Our shared history and understanding of the property sector made the partnership with Hello Brands an intuitive choice. The objective? A brand design that communicates their unique approach, where the human spirit and the built form harmoniously converge, distinguishing them in an otherwise formulaic industry.

brand design perth for attentus consulting
Attentus Consulting's final logo design reflects the subtle interplay of human form and architectural structures.
Report cover for Attentus Consulting featuring the brand's dynamic identity, a vibrant palette of bright orange and electric blue, symbolising the innovative integration of human spirit and structural form.


Taking cues from the delicate interplay between the human form and architectural structures, our design vision for Attentus Consulting was deliberate and poetic. Inspired by the human figure, the silhouette seamlessly integrates with an abstract architectural element, showcasing their core philosophy. The colour palette, with its vibrant interplay of bright orange and electric blue, brings contemporary energy while resonating with the dynamism of Attentus Consulting’s approach. The resulting identity not only encapsulates Attentus Consulting’s ethos but sets them apart as pioneers in a landscape where humans and habitats converge with vivid brilliance.

The logo design for Attentus Consulting is in reverse set against the bold corporate orange, emphasising the brand's unique identity and innovative approach in project management consultancy.
web design perth attentus consulting
Elegant single-scroll website design showcasing Attentus Consulting's streamlined brand identity, featuring fluid navigation and integrated elements.


I engaged Duncan to create a brand identity for new my business. He listened to the brief and put forward some great ideas. The end result is impactful and I love how it has turned out. I look forward to getting out there with my new brand!

Oliver Haden - Director
Developing a the branding for Attentus by branding agency Hello Brands Perth
Integration of brand assets and photography for Attentus Consulting, blending vivid imagery with the firm's unique visual identity to convey the synergy between human-centric project management and architectural innovation.

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