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Hello Brands offers a comprehensive Brand Identity and Corporate Identity service that helps businesses establish a unique and consistent visual identity.

With over 25 years of brand-building experience, our lead designer will collaborate closely with you to develop a brand identity that effectively conveys your company’s values and strongly resonates with your desired audience.

Through our Brand and Corporate Identity service, we develop a complete brand system that includes logo design, colour palette, typography, and other visual elements that create a cohesive and memorable brand. Whether launching a new business or rebranding an existing one, Hello Brands is committed to helping you build a solid and effective brand  that sets you apart from your competition.

Brand Identity underpinned by thoughtful strategy.

Brand strategy development is a crucial step in creating an effective brand. At Hello Brands, a strong brand identity is built on a solid foundation of brand strategy. 

We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific business objectives, unique goals, target market, and competitive environment. Based on this information, we develop a comprehensive brand strategy that defines the brand’s messaging, tone, and corporate identity. 

This strategy guides the development of all brand elements, including logo design, colour palette, typography, and other visual branding elements. 

By working with us to develop a solid brand strategy, businesses can ensure that their brand identity effectively communicates their values, resonates with their desired audience, and sets them apart from their competitors.

Logo Design and Brand Identity creation.

At Hello Brands, we recognise the importance of creating a compelling logo or brand mark as a fundamental component of brand creation. 

The logo or brand mark should encapsulate the tonality of the business or organisation and serve as the initial point of contact with customers. Our brand designers are committed to developing logos that are not only memorable but also accurately reflect the values and personality of the brand. 

By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the logo is memorable and versatile, allowing it to be timeless. 

Additionally, we develop a broader visual language of the corpoarte identity, such as colour palette, typography, and brand imagery, to ensure a unified, consistent, and cohesive brand image is applied across all platforms. 

With our visual identity design services, businesses can establish a strong corporate identity that creates a unified connection with their target audience.

Brand Identity Development for Attentus Consulting, Brian Burke Homes and JP Equity Partners.
Brand Identity Development for Attentus Consulting, Brian Burke Homes and JP Equity Partners.

Developing a consistent brand colour palette.

Developing a consistent brand colour palette is crucial in establishing a solid and compelling brand identity. 

Colour holds significant power in shaping customers’ perceptions of a brand. At Hello Brands, our brand designers work closely with clients to develop a colour palette that accurately reflects the brand’s values and unique personality while also appealing to the target audience. 

When creating a colour palette, we carefully consider the psychology of colour, cultural context, and other factors that affect colour perceptions. 

Businesses can create a cohesive and recognisable brand image by implementing a consistent colour palette throughout all brand channels. This uniform approach reinforces the brand identity and differentiates it from its competitors. 

With our colour palette development services, businesses can feel confident that their brand identity is visually compelling and consistently conveys their unique brand voice.

The Right Typography for Your Brand Identity.

The selection of typography significantly impacts how a brand is perceived by its customers and can be used to effectively communicate a brand’s values, personality, and tone. 

At Hello Brands, we collaborate closely with our clients to determine the typography that best aligns with their unique brand identity. Our brand designers possess the expertise to identify timeless and modern fonts that accurately represent the brand. We consider essential elements such as legibility, scalability, and how the typography appears across various brand channels to ensure that the typography is visually appealing and engaging for the intended audience. 

By selecting the right typography for a brand identity, businesses can create a distinctive and memorable brand language that reinforces their brand messaging and corporate identity. 

Distinctive visual brand assets.

Visual Brand Assets are an essential component of creating a memorable brand identity. At Hello Brands, we understand the power of Visual Brand Assets. These consist of brand patterns, graphic elements, iconography, unique illustrations, and styles for photography in shaping a brand’s identity. Our brand designers work closely with clients to develop Visual Brand Assets that accurately represent their brand’s values and personality. 

We consider factors such as brand voice, target audience, market trends and more when creating Visual Brand Assets to ensure that they are visually striking and relevant to strike a point of difference in the marketplace. 

By incorporating a cohesive system of Visual Brand Assets throughout all brand materials, businesses can establish a memorable brand image that resonates with their audience and offer a point of differentiation from competitors. 

With our Visual Brand Assets design services, businesses can establish a distinctive and memorable brand identity that stands out in the market.

Rebranding Blackburne Property Group. Corporate Identity by Duncan Abbs.
Rebranding Blackburne Property Group. Corporate Identity by Duncan Abbs.

Rebranding for established brands.

The rebranding process is a significant undertaking that requires thorough consideration and execution, particularly for established businesses with an established brand identity in the market. 

At Hello Brands, we work collaboratively with companies to create comprehensive rebranding strategies that accurately represent their evolving values and goals while preserving brand recognition in the market. Our brand strategists and designers conduct extensive research and analysis to identify a business’s most effective rebranding approach. 

We consider factors such as target audience, industry trends, and competitive landscape to ensure that the rebranding strategy aligns with the business’s objectives and positions them for long-term success. 

Additionally, we collaborate closely with our clients to develop all new branding elements, such as logo design, colour palette, typography, and visual branding elements, while maintaining essential elements that uphold the brand’s identity in the market. 

With our rebranding strategies for established businesses, we provide the guidance and expertise necessary to successfully revamp a brand’s image, ensuring its relevance and competitiveness in the market.

A well-documented corporate brand style guide, like this example completed for Brightwater, ensures that your brand remains on-message and on-point.
A well-documented corporate brand style guide, like this example completed for Brightwater, ensures that your brand remains on-message and on-point.

Brand guidelines for consistent Brand Identity roll-out.

Brand guideline creation is crucial to maintaining a consistent brand identity across all platforms. At Hello Brands, we understand that it can be challenging for businesses to uphold a consistent brand while creating new content and materials. 

To ensure consistency in a corporate identity across all platforms, we collaborate closely with our clients to establish thorough brand guidelines that clearly outline the essential elements of their brand identity, such as the proper usage of logos, typography, colour palette, imagery, and tone of voice. 

With our brand guidelines creation services, businesses can establish rules for their brand to be shared with their team, vendors, and partners to ensure that everyone understands the brand’s visual language clearly. 

These guidelines provide clear and specific direction on using the brand’s visual and verbal elements correctly and consistently across all platforms, ensuring that the brand maintains its visual consistency and resonates with the target audience. 

By implementing these guidelines, businesses can maintain a cohesive and recognisable brand identity that supports their marketing efforts and builds brand loyalty.

Corporate Identity consultation & support for long-term success.

At Hello Brands, ongoing support is essential for a brand’s long-term success. We understand that a business’s brand is not a static concept but evolves. That’s why we offer ongoing support to ensure that the brand identity remains relevant and practical as the business grows and changes. Our experienced designers provide continuing support and consultation to help companies to maintain a consistent corporate identity across all platforms, including website design, social media, print materials, and more. We partner with clients to ensure their brand identity remains fresh and up-to-date while maintaining its core values and personality. 

Hello Brands’ Brand Identity services offer businesses a comprehensive solution to establish and maintain unique and consistent brand identities that resonate with chosen target audiences. With our experienced brand designers and ongoing support, we help businesses create memorable and effective brand languages that reflect their unique values and personalities. 

If you want to establish a solid and memorable brand identity for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hello Brands. Contact us today to discover more about our comprehensive Brand Identity services.

brand identity perth brightwater
Brand Identity design and roll-out for Brightwater.
Your brand should convey the unique personality of your business and help you build trust with your target audience

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We required a new visual identity to better align our values with our target customer. Duncan immediately understood our marketing challenge and delivered a brand that has clear cut-though in market. We found Duncan a delight to work with.


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