How to Build a Brand Voice Your Audience Loves.

| 11 September 2023

In the bustling streets of Perth, where businesses scramble for the spotlight amidst the brilliant Western Australian landscape, the difference between a fleeting glance and a lasting engagement often hinges on a single factor: your brand’s voice.

Every brand—whether it’s a bustling cafe on Hay Street or a tech start-up on St Georges Tce—has a voice. It’s the harmonic resonance that echoes in the hearts and minds of your audience. It’s not just about logos, colour palettes, or a catchy tagline. A brand’s voice is the soulful melody that defines its very essence.

“What does it sound like? How is it unique? Why should anyone listen?” These are the questions at the heart of every branding expedition.

Defining Your Brand’s Voice.

Understand Your Essence.

Before you dive into the specifics, introspect. What are your company’s core values? What’s your mission? This isn’t just a checklist item but the bedrock on which your brand voice will be built.

Know Your Audience.

Perth is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and marketplaces. Who are you talking to? Young tech enthusiasts? Seasoned business owners? Understanding your target audience helps tailor your voice to resonate specifically with them.

Define the Relationship.

How a close friend speaks to you differs vastly from that of an expert lecturer. Do you want your audience to see you as an empathetic guide, an authoritative figure, or perhaps the friendly neighbour next door? 

How to Build a Brand Voice Your Audience Loves
Your brand's voice isn't just heard, it's felt. Ensure it resonates with purpose.

Crafting the Consistency.

Language and Lexicon.

This goes beyond just jargon. Even the most straightforward words carry weight. For instance, using ‘partner’ instead of ‘customer’ can shift the entire relationship narrative.

Grammar and Punctuation.

It might seem trivial, but think about it. An exclamation mark can transform a simple sentence into an exciting announcement! 

Visual and Verbal Synchrony.

Picture a sophisticated brand voice paired with whimsical graphics. Jarring, right? Make sure that your imagery aligns seamlessly with the core of your voice.

Infusing the Voice Everywhere.

Whether it’s an expo display attracting hundreds or an annual report meant for discerning shareholders, your voice must remain unwaveringly consistent. Think of it as the signature tune playing everywhere your brand has a presence:

  • Email Marketing: The content and even the subject line should echo your brand’s voice. 
  • Social Media Posts: Your captions, images, and hashtags should all be harmonious.
  • Customer Interactions: Ensure your voice shines through, from customer support calls to feedback forms.

Crafting a brand voice isn’t merely a creative exercise; it’s about finding your brand’s authentic self and expressing it in a way that the audience hears and loves. Perth’s vibrant business landscape, teeming with innovation and diversity, deserves brands that stand out visually and vocally. At Hello Brands, we are a branding agency passionately committed to helping your brand find its voice. Are you ready to sing?

Defining Your Brands Voice
Delving into your narrative: The cornerstone of your brand's voice.

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