Mastering the strategy of colour in branding, a deep dive.

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| 28 October 2022

In the vast and intricate realm of marketing, the careful selection and application of colour in branding go far beyond aesthetics. This decision influences consumer behaviour, drives conversions, and establishes brand recognition. Let’s delve into the strategic depth that colour offers to marketers.

Strategic Colour Selection: Beyond the Basics.

While understanding the colour wheel is essential, the real game begins when colour in branding is used strategically. Selecting a brand colour isn’t just about the visual appeal; it’s about aligning it with the brand’s ethos, objectives, and target audience.

Colour Systems and Marketing Strategy.

  1. Analogous: This system is about harmony and unity. Brands aiming for a cohesive and consistent image often opt for analogous colours. It’s excellent for creating a seamless brand experience across different platforms.
  2. Complementary: Ideal for brands that want to create a striking contrast or highlight a specific product feature. The juxtaposition of opposing colours draws attention and makes content pop, especially in campaigns and advertisements.
  3. Triadic: For brands that want balance yet diversity in their palette, the triadic system provides variety without overwhelming the viewer. It’s an excellent choice for brands targeting a diverse audience.
  4. Tetradic: A bold choice, the tetradic system is for brands that want to make a statement. This palette, when used right, can cater to various audience segments within a single campaign.

Strategic Colour Categorisation.

  1. Natural Association: Brands that emphasise eco-friendliness, organic ingredients, or natural processes often opt for earthy, calm hues. It’s a strategy employed by brands to connect with environmentally-conscious consumers.
  2. Cultural and Psychological: Luxury brands, or those that want to emphasise exclusivity, often lean towards deep purples, golds, and dark blues. These colours resonate with notions of royalty, richness, and premium quality.
  3. Evolutionary: This category is about tapping into primal instincts. Fast-food chains use reds and yellows to evoke hunger, excitement, and impulsive buying. On the other hand, spas and wellness brands might use blues and greens to establish tranquillity.
Branding and the increasing influence of colour.
As discussed in our deep dive, such deliberate colour choices don't just catch the eye—they encapsulate brand essence, evoke emotions, and drive unparalleled recognition. Coca-Cola's red is more than just a hue; it's a global branding triumph.

Tactical Deployments of Colour in Campaigns.

Studies have shown that a product’s colour influences 60-80% of a consumer’s purchasing decision. Hence, tactical deployments of colour can be the difference between a successful campaign and a mediocre one. For instance:

  1. Red: Often used for clearance sales or ‘hot’ deals, evoking urgency.
  2. Blue: Employed by tech and finance brands to promote trust and reliability.
  3. Green: Used in health and wellness campaigns, suggesting growth and rejuvenation.

Data-Driven Colour Decisions.

In the era of data analytics, brands can A/B test different colour schemes to see which one resonates most with their target audience. Platforms like Facebook and Google Ads allow for such testing, providing insights into which colours drive more clicks, engagement, and conversions.

In Conclusion.

The strategic use of colour in branding is an intricate dance of psychology, cultural understanding, and business objectives. As brands vie for attention in an increasingly crowded market, those that harness the full power of colour, both in terms of art and strategy, will invariably stand out.

Mapping the Spectrum of Influence: An infographic exploration of global brands, strategically positioned across the colour wheel. Witness the art and science of colour strategy as these giants wield their hues to shape consumer perceptions and drive brand resonance. A visual testament to the powerful interplay between colour, strategy, and global brand identity.

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